Mission Statement

Arlene Dalton

At The Dalton Way we understand that:

  • Healing begins with the spirit.
  • Each individual can access the spirit within through a variety of ways and often a witness is all that is required.
  • Creativity deepens our connection Awareness of what is happening right here, right now, within the body, within the mind, is providing us with the keys to open up the doors to our spirit.
  •  Illness happens and while we cannot always change illness, we can change our relationship with illness.
  • Once this relationship change starts to happen we can begin to take the journey from patient to person, from dis-ease to ease.
  • We can begin to open to that inner wisdom that we each posses.
  •  We can begin to acknowledge and thank our bodies for all that they do to acknowledge the divinity within.

The Dalton Way will help you:

  • Welcome and embrace your uniqueness as an individual.
  • Open yourself to all experience.
  • Know that within the voice of pain, suffering need not be anything more than an echo.

The Dalton Way will help you understand:

  • The way of your body, the way of your mind, the way of creative expression.
  • The way of acceptance.  To accept does not mean silent resignation, it does not mean giving into whatever is happening; it is choosing to move beyond, to go off automatic pilot. Once you discover your current patterns then you have the power to choose those patterns that serve you.  You can reclaim yourself and begin to question who you are as an individual beneath the roles, the hats, the facades and the pain.

Finally, The Dalton Way is the way of the breath, prana; that which connects and unites each of us. The breath flowing in and out, rising and falling. For as Swami Rhada has shared with us…

We are created by divine light,

We are sustained by divine light,

We are protected by divine light,

We are surrounded by divine light.

Discover for yourself, your connection with the light


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